Jun 17

4 Tips to Make Implementing SIP Trunks a Breeze

SIP trunking has quickly become one of the most popular Voice over IP (VoIP) options. Businesses love it for its low cost, increased functionality and seamless ease of use. What is SIP? It basically takes your voice off of hardwired telephone systems and instead sends data over a public or private IP network. Making the […]

Jun 17

How Small Businesses Stay Ahead of IoT Security Threats

IoT is changing the way business operate—but it’s especially making an impact on small businesses. There are many reasons why small businesses are quick to get in the game, from the reduction of operating costs to increased productivity, IoT has the ability to take some weight off the shoulders of business owners. In fact, according […]

Jun 17

Can 5G Networks Change the Way we do Business?

    The implementation of 5G networks is still a few years out—but that hasn’t stopped organizations from considering the benefits of this new technology. Most of the specifications for 5G won’t be in place until 2021, with the first phase rolling out in 2018, a basic version of the technology that will tentatively be […]

Jun 17

4 Ways to Use Event Connectivity to Maximize Your ROI

Everybody loves events. Conferences, festivals, trade shows, and networking events – they draw thousands upon thousands of people every year. Event organizers are constantly looking for new ways to keep their attendees engaged and excited to return. An essential part of any event in 2017 is connectivity. The goal for every event, big or small, […]

May 17

Security & The Cloud: Why It’s Safer Than Ever to Make a Switch

Security. It’s the number one reason that many companies have yet to make the switch to the cloud. But that’s changing. More and more decisions makers are surprised to find that switching to the cloud is more secure than ever. In fact, a survey of over 400 information technology professionals, conducted by Intelligent Technology Index, found […]

May 17

How UCaaS can Increase Employee Collaboration Company-wide

  Today, more employees than ever are going mobile. It’s this essential difference that makes collaboration more important than ever.  Any company that doesn’t have a cohesive, easy-to-use collaboration tool in operation is behind the curve by leaps and bounds. And with a constantly changing corporate landscape that requires innovation and employee flexibility, getting to […]

May 17

5 Tips on How to Enhance the Customer Experience

Customer First. That is one of Transbeam’s core values and we understand that it’s the same for many of our clients. In the age of social media, it’s more important than ever for companies to create an exceptional experience across their cross-organizationally. You saw how quickly the United Airlines snafu made international headlines after a […]

Apr 17

How to Choose the Right Internet Solution for Your Business

Determining what kind of internet solution you need is never easy. At Transbeam, we talk to a lot of costumers looking for guidance on what solution to choose. More than that, many times customers are not aware of the factors they need to consider when selecting one. When you have CEO’s or COO’s making decisions for a […]

Apr 17

Event Wrap-up: Transbeam Sponsors Tech Day HQ Event in New York

One of Transbeam’s key mission’s is innovation. This encompasses everything from the development of new products to our organizational structure. It is this internal passion that drives us to support the entrepreneurial and start-up communities on a regular basis. After all, our founder was an entrepreneur with an idea that transformed into the company you […]

Apr 17

4 BroadSoft Applications to Implement Now

At Transbeam, one of our goals is to find ways to enhance the Hosted PBX experience for all of our clients. From large call centers to busy reception desks, implementing new solutions that will make life easier is at the top of our mind. That’s why we’re excited to be an adopter of the Unity […]

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