Mar 17

SD-WAN VS MPLS: The major differences that change everything

How is SD-WAN different from MPLS? That’s the #1 questions we get from potential clients and current customers. Beyond just the cost-effectiveness, they want to know how it’s going to work for them, and whether or not it’s worth severing ties with their old network. Information tends to be bogged down in technical terms, focusing […]

Mar 17

Why Your Business Should Consider Unified Communication

  Cloud communication is on the rise. Many businesses are considering adopting cloud unified communications as part of a growth and transformation plan for the future. While UCaaS is a new buzzword, many businesses still don’t know how it can amplify productivity and bring them into the future. Here are some of the reasons moving […]

Mar 17

4 Mobile Security Tips Your Employees Need to Know

By now, you may have heard about the newest WikiLeaks disaster. Knowing that the CIA may have been producing malware designed to infest, control, and infiltrate data from iPhones and other mobile devices – can be both disturbing and concerning. This goes beyond privacy concerns and raises the question of mobile security, a hot topic […]

Mar 17

Transbeam Sponsors Millennial 20/20 in New York

For over 16 years, Transbeam has been in the event connectivity business, supplying wired and wireless connections to major conferences, concerts, meetings, and events throughout New York City. This week, on March 1st and 2nd, we launched our very first Wi-Fi sponsorship for the Millennial 20/20 event held at Center415. The technology-forward interactive event focuses on […]

Feb 17

6 Simple Ways to Monitor Your Network Health

Depending on the size of your company, you may not have the resources for a fully staffed IT department that can consistently monitor the health of your network. When connectivity lags or goes down completely, it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out where the problem originates. Why is it important to understand what is […]

Feb 17

Transbeam Brings Optimal Connectivity to NYC’s Refinery Rooftop

Even with a delightful ambiance, great service and a tremendous menu, a popular New York City rooftop restaurant could suffer customer losses without a stellar connectivity capability. Today’s savvy Big Apple millennials and other guests out for lunch or an evening’s entertainment count on immediate Internet access to coordinate their activities. There’s no room for […]

Feb 17

5 Ways SD-WAN Can Help Your Company Grow

SD-WAN. It’s the current buzzword of the telecommunications industry. This growing solution is popping up everywhere, promising businesses cost effectiveness, ease of installation, and scalable opportunities. Those reasons alone are enough to make any business pay attention. When it comes to growth, the traditional infrastructure of connecting new locations to headquarter offices with MPLS are […]

Jan 17

Transbeam Wins SmartCEO’s Corporate Culture Award

Happy New Year! We are excited to say that we ended 2016 on a high note. At Transbeam, we pride ourselves on a collaborative environment that welcomes new ideas, innovation, and excitement. Whether it’s finding new ways to come together in celebration over the Holiday season, or being sure to recognize achievements, both in and […]

Oct 16

SD-WAN: Don’t Let the Buzz Distract You From What You Need

What is SD-WAN? If one of your business concerns includes network functionality, you’re likely aware of the latest technology shaking up the networking industry: SD-WAN. Short for Software-Defined Wide-Area Network, SD-WAN is creating a buzz—as networking’s next sea change. The technology is making management of WANs easier, and allowing businesses to transform their traditional private […]

Apr 16

Business VoIP Providers

  • Posted By Transbeam
  • Voice

Bandwidth and How it Affects Crystal-Clear Calls Over Hosted VoIP Systems Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services that are hosted in the cloud are becoming increasingly popular choices for businesses. If you’re thinking of doing the same and replacing your analog phone systems, taking that action could prove to be a solid investment. However, before […]

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