Aug 17

Simple Steps to Protect Your Business from Natural Disasters

Hurricane season is upon us. This week Hurricane Harvey is threatening to hit the southeast coast of Texas, one of the first major hurricanes in over a decade. It’s projected to be a Category 3 with damaging winds and flooding. With evacuations and warnings springing up from Corpus Christi to Portland, many businesses are deeply […]

Aug 17

The Major Differences Between UCaaS and On-Premise PBX

There’s a lot of discussion about whether making the switch from an on premise solution to UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is the right move. There are pros and cons to each, depending on everything from budget, flexibility, and how your current solution is working for you. But, for some companies, it’s unclear what […]

Aug 17

Should you consider Professional IT services?

If you’ve ever worked or own a small business, you know the sheer amount of responsibilities it takes to make it a success. Between client development and day-to-day operations, there’s little time left to worry about what’s happening behind the scenes with your IT management. That’s why a huge amount of small to medium sized […]

Jul 17

4 Steps to Great WiFi Every Event Planner Should Know

At Transbeam, we help handle a variety of events of all different sizes. Recently, we executed the connectivity and WiFi for the 2017 NBA Draft held at Brooklyn’s Barclays center. It was a huge even, with over 1,500 attendees ranging from spectators, athletes, and media. Of course, we’ve handled major events like this before, including four years […]

Jul 17

INFOGRAPHIC: 6 SD-WAN Trends Every Business Should Consider

SD-WAN is taking over. VeloCloud, the Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN™ company, recently announced that they’ve launched over 50,000 branch sites. Deployments are growing month-over-month as companies realize the benefits of making the switch to SD-WAN. Still, there are a lot of companies that don’t necessarily understand the cost savings or potential collaboration benefits that come with this new product. As popular […]

Jun 17

Ransomware: 5 Steps to Protect Your Business

By now, everyone has heard about the Ransomware WannaCry attack that affected several large businesses in London. This week, another ransomware attack called Petrwarp/Petrya infiltrated several government agencies and corporations in the United States. It’s clear, not all businesses are taking the right steps to protect their data from cyber-attacks. These attacks grow by leaps […]

Jun 17

4 Tips to Make Implementing SIP Trunks a Breeze

SIP trunking has quickly become one of the most popular Voice over IP (VoIP) options. Businesses love it for its low cost, increased functionality and seamless ease of use. What is SIP? It basically takes your voice off of hardwired telephone systems and instead sends data over a public or private IP network. Making the […]

Jun 17

How Small Businesses Stay Ahead of IoT Security Threats

IoT is changing the way business operate—but it’s especially making an impact on small businesses. There are many reasons why small businesses are quick to get in the game, from the reduction of operating costs to increased productivity, IoT has the ability to take some weight off the shoulders of business owners. In fact, according […]

Jun 17

Can 5G Networks Change the Way we do Business?

    The implementation of 5G networks is still a few years out—but that hasn’t stopped organizations from considering the benefits of this new technology. Most of the specifications for 5G won’t be in place until 2021, with the first phase rolling out in 2018, a basic version of the technology that will tentatively be […]

Jun 17

4 Ways to Use Event Connectivity to Maximize Your ROI

Everybody loves events. Conferences, festivals, trade shows, and networking events – they draw thousands upon thousands of people every year. Event organizers are constantly looking for new ways to keep their attendees engaged and excited to return. An essential part of any event in 2017 is connectivity. The goal for every event, big or small, […]

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